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Our Advantages

Convergence of cutting-edge chemical equipment manufacturing technology, with high quality service

professional services

DT chemical equipment provides professional services, from product positioning, machinery production and manufacturing, we have outstanding strength, only because we work harder.

Work with heart

DT chemical containers spend more time communicating with customers and more energy concentrating on the design and manufacture of each machine.

Years of experience

We have many years of experience in manufacturing chemical equipment, serving thousands of enterprises, and have rich experience in production and manufacturing.

Super Responsibility

We use high-quality technical services to ensure the safety of each chemical equipment, and use more mature solutions to solve every problem.

Company Introduction

Henan DT Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a largescale enterprise integrating scientific research, design, development, manufacture and sale of glassenameled equipment and pressure vessels. It is a designated enterprise for manufacturing special equipment issued by the state.

The company is located in the industrial agglomeration area of Xiwaihuan Road in Taikang County, Henan Province. It is a largescale glass enamel manufacturing enterprise in Henan Province. With a registered capital of 10 million yuan, the company mainly produces 50L-50000L standard series glass-lined reactor (glass-lined reactor), glass-lined tank, glass-lined tank, glass-lined heat exchanger and various mixers and carbon steel, stainless steel, non-standard container equipment products, annual production of more than 12,000 glass-lined equipment products, with class D 1, D2 namely. Class I and II pressure vessel manufacturing license, design qualification certificate, glass-enameled equipment product license.

Henan Dahuang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to product quality, regards product quality as the cornerstone of the enterprise, and the whole process of service from product development, design, manufacturing to sales is becoming more and more perfect. Looking ahead, we should not only contribute to the development of enterprises themselves, but also to the development of China's chemical industry. Providing users with high quality products and timely, reliable, fast and efficient service is our company's unchanged quality policy. The company will continue to improve the quality management system, constantly meet and improve customer needs, Henan Dahuang Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. all staff are willing to work together with you to share a better life.

In the tide of market economy, a modern enterprise with "excellent equipment, advanced technology and beautiful environment" will stand in the forest of China's chemical industry with its strong strength, high-quality products and trustworthy after-sales service. All the staff of the company are willing to cooperate with you to make great achievements in the brand-new future.


Enterprise innovation and breakthrough are the motive force of its development and the foundation of its continuous growth.


Market Development Direction Enterprise Strategic Direction and Brand Development Direction


Holding the Dream and unremitting efforts hand in hand to create a better future


Core Competence

Datong container has advanced and mature manufacturing technology, tailor-made high cost-effective chemical equipment, to ensure the quality and quality of each product.

The company has a high performance manufacturing processes, cost breakdown products tailored,

guarantee the quality of each product and quality

D&T Products

ReactorChemical reactor |Chemical reactor |Enamel reactor | Neutralization reactor

Blender:Enamel mixer | Anchor stirrer | Frame mixer | Glass-lined equipment

Reaction tank: Stainless steel reaction tank | Glass-lined reaction tank

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